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At CPI, we have been converting e-books into a wide variety of e-book formats based on your print documents for many years. We take on complex projects with large backlists from publishers, we convert them for today's e-book market and deliver all data to over 70 platforms according to the customer's specifications. Our offer spans all markets and genres, from simple fiction to academic titles, from children's literature to illustrated books with additional extras. Both publishers and dealers trust us as a supplier.

That speaks for us:

  1. The all-in-one solution with printing, conversion and deployment
  2. High-quality e-books regardless of the tablet or reader used
  3. Easy access to the largest online bookstores
  4. Clear compensation for every e-book

E-book conversion

We at CPI have been converting e-books based on your print documents into a wide variety of e-book formats, including epub2, Apple Fixed Layout and MOBI for AMAZON KINDLE for many years. Both publishers and dealers trust us as a supplier.
Learn more about e-book conversion in our e-book service catalog...

Publish your ebook in over 70 e-book platforms

Do you want to sell your e-books on the internet? Do you lack legal and technical know-how to tackle this issue?
We take care of all legal and technical details:

  1. Upload e-books and metadata to the shops
  2. Communication and processing with the shops and service providers
  3. Organization of billing and reporting of revenues
  4. Transfer the sales proceeds directly to your account